Chaga Tea Benefits And How To Incorporate It Into Your Daily Routine

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Because chaga is a naturally occurring compound It is essential to know the source of your products. Mushrooms are decomposers. This means that they recycle nutrients from living or dead plant matter. This feature is one of the advantages since it is the reason mushrooms offer nutrients that are not available in animal or plant foods. But, this characteristic could have negative consequences when mushrooms absorb toxins in their surroundings.

Chaga mushroom powder that is grown indoors is not just an option for convenience, it's also an issue of safety. Mushrooms are natural bioaccumulators, which means they can absorb heavy metals and toxins from their surroundings. This is particularly true for wild chaga, which can be found in Russia close to Chernobyl. Om grows its chaga indoors without pesticides or toxins. In this clean and controlled environment, mycology experts oversee these ideal conditions for growth.

If you're looking to try this unique functional mushroom, which has been extensively used as an alcoholic beverage as well as a medication to treat stomach and other ailments, chaga tea might be the way to go. It is possible to make chaga tea at home and enjoy the advantages. This is a great way to discover how chaga was enjoyed by many different cultures around the globe over the centuries.

Brewing Chaga Tea

While you can chaga tea recipe through steeping small pieces of conk in water, the easier (and much more efficient) method is to use ground chaga powder that has been pre-ground. Because mushrooms are bioaccumulators, it should be made from the chaga that is that is grown in a controlled environment. Om Mushrooms offers a Chaga Organic Mushroom Supplement. This supplement is ready for you to use. A quick and easy way to make chaga tea is to add one teaspoon of powder to a cup of water that is heated to 160 degrees F.

Although some like chaga's flavor profile as is but others would rather make it more appealing by adding their most-loved ingredients. A few examples include:

Sweeteners: add a spoonful of honey, agave, or maple syrup, as desired.

Milk: dairy, nut, or oat milks add a creamy element

Flavorings: vanilla or cocoa powder can add an aroma

Spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg are a great way to spice up your life.

Another alternative that blends the best of the above is Chaga Chai Latte. To get the benefits of chaga tea it is best to froth the milk and add sugar to it. Add warm spices for the most fragrant and frothy drink.

Or, try chaga Cherry Iced Tea, by boiling a teaspoonful of Chaga powder in hot water, and then pouring over ice and adding an ounce of cherry juice tart. add sugar to taste.

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In addition Chaga is also high in Oxalates. Consuming large quantities of oxalates also found in beets, spinach and dates, could contribute to gout and kidney stones. Consult your physician in case you've experienced any of these symptoms.